El Xokas messes her up again with some statements about cyberbullying

El Xokas messes her up again with some statements about cyberbullying

The Xokas continues to generate controversy whenever it comes, because you (cannot) be a hero and the streamer seems that he (cannot) change his attitude. This time they have captured derogatory comments towards a subscriber’s girlfriend and cyberbullying.

Who was going to tell us a few months ago that a simple eye operation would bring such controversy? Although none controversial, unless you comment on it in a direct from El Xokas and he decides the following:What you are talking about is bullshit that you cannot recommend to anyone“.

So far so good, because maybe you could be right within the context. But Twitter user @wajaldert has recorded a couple of clips that are way off scale.

The first was the one that became more viral and where we got the literal phrase that you read a few lines before. But everything started to go a little wrong as soon as he made some derogatory comments about a subscriber’s girlfriend and himself.

Hey, I recommend that you have surgery because my girlfriend’s p*** z**** had surgery, well I’ll tell her my p*** z**** sweats….And I’m sure you know the rest.

Although he tried to fix the insult with a “fox” when you know that both terms do not have the same meaning and even less when you know how you used it.

But that’s in this tweetin which you see below, has left the beginning of the talk he had before the clip: “Here all the previous crush, in case those of ‘There is a lack of context of what happened previously’“.

And what the tweet says about the talks makes a lot of sense: “I do not accept criticism or advice“Is he trained to do this kind of viciousness in front of thousands of users?

And the thing does not end here, since as we say, he has also decided to give his opinion on cyberbullying. “This is the internet, if you don’t like cyberbullying, turn off the screen“.

Great advice coming from a person who seems incapable of taking anything as self-criticism. But what can impact the most is “what they said in the series of drawings is“.

It is a different version of tweet from Tyler, the Creatorwhere the rapper mocked cyberbullying because “How can it be real? Get away from the screen! Hahaha. Close your eyes!“.

It is a very dangerous message because just as (according to him) nobody is the one to recommend an eye operation, El Xokas does not have to give advice on how someone is affected by harassment on the internet and how they can deal with it.

You are on the internet, you have an anonymous name, you are nobody, turn off the screen“. It’s funny because Xokas himself probably acted the same way the last time he got mixed up with the whole secondary account case.

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Although this has not been the only thing that has happened to him these days, there has also been controversy due to Dudu’s sincerity. The actor Eduardo García knows him and it seems that they have spent quite a few moments together while playing.

Dudu talks about how Xokas has denied knowing him and he comments: “Then they comment on you on stream in front of 5,000 tigers and you don’t know him? Bro I think your problem is more […] more from here than from anything else“.

García tells how he has defended the streamer from others who laughed at him (curiously he should have turned off the screen) and it is as he says: “as you would with anyone“and surely many have experienced it on one of the two sides.

In this tweet settle the matter:For me he was my colleague and I met him in a somewhat ugly situation, where I had to defend him because they were making fun of him[[asIwouldhavedoneforanyone[[comohubierahechoporcualquiera

And then they ask you about my brother and you seem embarrassed? Well, don’t worry brother, I’m not going to defend you again, being real… because I’m real“.

We will see where all this new El Xokas ends, although if the move with the secondary accounts ended everything in the same way (without changing) it is very possible that this time it will be the same.

Because if El Xokas has seen that he hardly has any repercussions with what he says and/or does, “why would i bother?“, surely you have thought; although that says many sad things about you.





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