Tekken creator’s great reaction to Tekken 2’s price on the US PS Store

Tekken creator's great reaction to Tekken 2's price on the US PS Store

Katsuhiro Harada stars in a viral reaction to the prohibitive price of Tekken 2 (one of the PS1 classics included in PS Plus) in the PlayStation store.

The new PlayStation Plus is now available in the United States. In Europe we will have to wait until June 22, and from the other side of the pond we are already receiving the first reactions to the PS4 and PS5 service. Will he have landed on his feet?

At the moment the feelings are bittersweet. On the one hand the players are happy with the included versions of PS1 classics (at 60hz and with technical improvements)But all that glitters is not gold.

At this time, certain PS1 games cannot be purchased from the PS Store, despite being listed on the PS4 and PS5 store. Instead, they can be played through PS Plus Premium.


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Perhaps the biggest mistake (although funny, in a way) is the crazy price that some titles have on the PS Store. Sony acknowledges that it is a mismatchproduct of the launch of the new PlayStation Plus tiers.

For example, classics like Tekken 2 or Mr. Driller cost a whopping $9,999 on PlayStation Store. Obviously this is a mistake…although there have been some reactions worth seeing.

The most important comes from the hand of Katsuhiro Harada, creator of the Tekken fighting saga. It turns out that good old Harada saw the price at which Tekken 2 is being sold on the PS Store… and just short of that, he was amazed.

Harada has left us two tweets for the newspaper library. To begin with, he quoted John Gifford’s tweet (who discovered Tekken 2’s price) and pointed out that the title cost 1.3 million yen.

Shortly after, Katsuhiro Harada simply tweeted the following ”WHAT A WONDERFUL PRICE SONYYYYYYYY citing the screenshot of Tekken 2 on the PS Store. Fans of the saga have taken this more as a practical joke than anything else.

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Tekken 2 is one of the PS1 classics included in PS Plus Premium. The catalog for the United States shows other jewels of the first Sony console, such as Dino Crisis, the Resident Evil trilogy (with the Director’s Cut of the first) or the same Tekken 3.

We remind you that the new PlayStation Plus will arrive in Europe on June 22, offering the standard package (PS Plus Essentials) and new tiers that replace the old PS Now. There will be tons of PS1, PSP, PS3, PS4 and PS5 titles to enjoy.

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