James Gunn “can’t wait” to share his future DC projects, and he seems to be hinting at something with Thinker

James Gunn "can't wait" to share his future DC projects, and he seems to be hinting at something with Thinker

The director has shared a strange publication that could suggest a project related to The Thinker (The Thinker).

James Gunn is one of those filmmakers whose activity on social networks leaves us with a lot of details to repair. The director just finished his work on Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3, and return to DC Extended Universe.

After directing 2021’s Suicide Squad and The Peacemaker Season 1, Gunn has a number of projects on his hands related to DC and the cast of characters we saw in the film.

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The director has not offered specific details about what plans he has for his new projects, but he has left a very peculiar post on Twitter that seems to suggest that The Thinker (The Thinker) played by peter capaldi in The Suicide Squad, will have something to do.

I can’t wait to tell you about the big plans we have in handGunn shared on Twitter, accompanying the tweet of a photo of The Thinker in the 2021 film.

Capaldi’s character dies in the film, like many others. If his iteration of The Thinker has anything to do with the project Gunn alludes to, it may be a prequel to the events of The Suicide Squad.

It may also be the case that James Gunn has taken a random image to accompany his publication, or that he will resort to another of the iterations of The Thinker in the DC Extended Universe.

At the moment, officially confirmed, we only have the The Peacemaker season 2with John Cena returning as DC’s eponymous character. There has also been talk of a series starring Viola Davis as Amanda Wallerbut Gunn clarified that it is not yet 100% confirmed.

Be that as it may, with his time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe coming to an end, James Gunn will have much more time to focus on his DC projects, and on any production outside the world of comics.

What do you think? Do you think that James Gunn has plans for The Thinker, or has it been a coincidence to use that image?

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