We assembled Hoth’s AT-ST from LEGO Star Wars… and this is the result!

We assembled Hoth's AT-ST from LEGO Star Wars... and this is the result!

If you are a fan of Star Wars and you like LEGO, this AT-ST is an easy way to spend an afternoon in imperial engineer mode.

In case anyone hasn’t noticed yet, at Hobby Consoles we love LEGO and we are fascinated starwars. A few days ago we showed you the unboxing and assembly of Luke Skywalker’s Speder X-34 from LEGO Star Warsone of the coolest sets LEGO has released this year.

This time, we are going for something less hardcore, a simple set with which to recall the fantastic Battle of Hoth from Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. We are going to see the unboxing and assembly in time-lapse format with the whole process.


UNBOXING of the LEGO AT-ST on Hoth and time-lapse assembly – Easy and very cool!

The set in question is 75322 of LEGO, and includes the walker Imperial AT-STa probe droida minifigure of Chewbaccaa AT-ST pilot and one rebel soldier.

The Hoth AT-ST LEGO Star Wars set consists of 586 pieces. Depending on the skill (or the time you spend in placing the pieces) the assembly time is around 2-3 hours.

Assembled does not take up much, more or less, like an action figure, 26cm tall. As can be seen in the video, both Chewbacca and the AT-ST itself actually shoot.

The Wookiee fires single pieces from its crossbow, while the AT-ST can fire two darts from its sides: so watch your eyes both when riding and playing with it.

The price of the set is €49.99: not bad value for money, especially seeing the end result. In addition, it is in the average with other LEGO Star Wars sets of this type.

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When building the cabin, we will mount a system so that the entire tower pivots through gears. The cockpit also opens up, allowing the pilot to fit inside to crush the rogue mob.

The AT-STs may have risen to stardom in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, when the Ewoks shot them down with worrying ease. However, if you keep an eye on the Battle of Hoth footage, you’ll find these walkers walking among their big brothers: the AT-ATs.

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