Three New Kirby SNES Games Arrive By Surprise On Nintendo Switch Online With Their Secret Modes Unlocked

Three New Kirby SNES Games Arrive By Surprise On Nintendo Switch Online With Their Secret Modes Unlocked

The Nintendo Switch Online game catalog is updated with three new titles from the Kirby saga, all of them belonging to SNES. Accompany our pink hero in his old adventures.

Nintendo Switch Online is a service with many advantages, but without a doubt the most striking thing is its catalog of classic games. In their normal mode they are available authentic NES and SNES gems for hybrid console.

To speak of Kirby is to make it one of the most emblematic sagas of the Big N, despite the fact that it has never sold as much as Mario, Pokémon or Zelda. We could equate it to Metroid in this regard.

The release of Kirby and the Forgotten Land marked a milestone for the saga of HAL Laboratory, as it is not only the best-selling IP game in Japan, but also in other corners of the world. Craving for more Kirby? Well you’re in luck.


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No, we’re not talking about Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards (available with Switch Online + Expansion Pack), but about three new titles arriving today at the service… but in its standard mode.

Is about three new SNES (Super Nintendo) games, which are accessible to all Switch Online subscribers. How could it be otherwise, they are installments of the charismatic Kirby saga.

This has been confirmed Nintendo of America on your official account. are already available Kirby Super Star, Kirby’s Dream Course and Kirby’s Dream Land 3 on the SNES game service for Switch Online.

Kirby Switch Online

And not only that, but the three titles include secret modes (some of them never seen before). You will be able to discover new phases and other mysteries through the menus of each game, since they are special editions.

Kirby’s Dream Course is, in essence, a golf game of the saga. It is the fifth installment of the franchise, and it leaves aside the platforms to offer us something different. Kirby turns into a golf ball, wow.

As for Kirby Super Star, it’s about a compilation that includes up to 8 games of the saga (five of them platform). As a curiosity, it is one of the three SNES games that uses the SA-1 chio outside of Japan.

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Metroid DreadMetroid Dread

We end with Kirby’s Dream Land 3, which was the last installment based on the animated series, and took things much further after Dream Land 2 (which came out on the Game Boy). It is an excellent 2D platformer in the saga.

These three Kirby titles are now available on Nintendo Switch Online. Do not hesitate to try them and discover all their secrets, if you are able to spend them, of course. The Switch Online subscription costs 3.99 euros per month (19.99 euros per year).





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