Iron Man's New Armor Could Wipe Out The Entire Marvel Universe

Iron Man’s New Armor Could Wipe Out The Entire Marvel Universe

Marvel Comics upgrades Iron Man’s armor and gives him so much power that if he hits it, it would disintegrate the entire fictional universe of comics.

The new iron man armor developed by Tony Stark is a ticking time bomb. The majestic power that has been given to him would be capable of annihilate the entire Marvel Universe. It is not for less, since Judgment Day crossover is raising the risk levels of this world of comic fiction to an unimaginable scale.

Marvel Comics has released a preview of the first issue of AX focused on the Avengers. In that comic, Iron Man will get his own ‘one-shot’ and we’ll see how the superhero in the shining armor is forced to wear a new outfit. The positive? That armor is amazing. The negative part? Which could have deadly consequences.

The first number of AX starring the Avengers is written by Kieron Gillen and drawn by Federico Vicentini. As we said, they are different ‘one-shots’ – three, to be exact – and one of them is led by Iron Man. Nic Klein’s cover allows us to take a look at the new armor. And, although it doesn’t seem like much, Marvel Comics warns.

Iron Man's New Armor (Marvel Comics)

“Can he survive? Will someone do it? ”, They ask from the editorial. The truth is that we do not know and we will have to wait to find out. But it’s going to be very interesting to see Iron Man in the Marvel Universe possessing such power. He is not exactly the most balanced hero, psychologically speaking. But we trust him.

What can we expect from the new crossover event?

the avengers, the X Men and the Eternals will confront their powers in one of the most anticipated Marvel publishing events of the year. Is about Judgment Day and it will be the place where the seeds planted by Kieron Gillen, Esad Ribic and Matthew Wilson at the head of the Eternals end.

The cosmic divinities are looking for answers after the latest discoveries. Their journey has taken them to the headquarters of the Avengers, which after the editorial reset was based inside the corpse of a Celestial. On the other hand, the X-Men are in the crosshairs of the Eternals because the latter associate their mutant gene with the Deviants.

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The mutant plot in the crossover will be really interesting. Marvel Comics will focus on an adventure starring Jean Gray. And we already know what that means: Phoenix Force. We will also see Ajak guide the Eternals towards a horizon that we do not quite see clearly. This looks great!





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