Stardew Valley is June's sample game (one week free) for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers

Stardew Valley is June’s sample game (one week free) for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers

Nintendo Switch Online subscribers will be able to play Stardew Valley for free for one week (Europe and Japan) as part of the Sample Games benefit. You can play it for free only between June 13 and 19.

nintendo switch online offers more than the NES and SNES games. Not much more, it’s true, but one of the lesser-known advantages of this paid online service, necessary to play games like Splatoon 3, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate or the imminent Mario Strikers Battle League Football online, are the Sample Games.

Normally once a month, for a week, Nintendo allows Nintendo Switch Online subscribers (in its most basic plan, without the need for the Expansion Pack) to play the full version of a game for almost a week.

Be careful, this is not like PS Plus or Xbox Live Gold games: once the free trial period ends, you will no longer be able to continue playing for free unless you buy it. Doing so will, however, keep your save data.


Haunted Chocolatier – The new game from the creator of Stardew Valley

As we said, this month’s sample game is Stardew Valley. It is one of the most successful indie games of recent years (particularly on Switch and its portable mode).

It was released in 2017 as a beautiful pixel art alternative to the dynamic of the Harvest Moon / Story of Seasonsand a bit too Animal Crossing: cultivate, manage a factory and farm, socialize with the villagers and continue crafting to get more things, in a game cycle that can stick you for hours on the console.

You can play Stardew Valley for free between June 13 and June 19. If you have Nintendo Switch Online, you can download it right now. If you want to buy it later, its usual price is 13.99 eurosa minutiae for everything it offers.

Nintendo has not announced it on its social media accounts, but you can check it from the Switch eShop itself, in the benefits tab of Nintendo Switch Online.

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This promotion, with this game and these dates, applies to Europe and Japan. The Americas may have another sample game as they don’t often match up. The last Switch Online sampler game was Spelunky 2 back in May.

Nintendo has promised that it will continue to offer engaging content to attract subscribers to Nintendo Switch Online. We expect more Nintendo 64 and Mega Drive games, as well as free DLCs such as Splatoo 2 or Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for those who have the Expansion Pack, but without neglecting those who only have the basic plan (which costs 20 euros a year or 4 a month).

By the way, Stardew Valley creator Eric Barone (signing as ConcernedApe) is working on a Stardew Valley-style game… but in a chocolate factory! We are counting the days to taste it.





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