Trial documents against Nintendo pirate Gary Bowser indicate jail time was a unique opportunity to set an example

Trial documents against Nintendo pirate Gary Bowser indicate jail time was a unique opportunity to set an example

The lawsuit Nintendo won against hacker Gary Bowser was of vital importance to the company, as it was a great opportunity to set an example for new hackers.

The fight against piracy by Nintendo It is one of the great hallmarks of the Japanese company. The big N is known for always being very aware of possible infringements of the rights of its most popular licenses.

Over the years we have seen how Nintendo has protected its big names, but perhaps the most significant case has been that of Cae Gary Bowser, linked to the Xecuter hacker group that sold games and modified consoles from the company.

This same year, Nintendo has scored a good point after this hacker was sentenced to 3 years in prison. Basically, the authorities estimated that the piracy cost Nintendo more than 65 million dollars over almost a decade.

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It is clear why Nintendo strives to find and identify this type of hackers and pirates. Now, documents from the case against Gary Bowser detail how important this trial was for the company going forward.

As pointed out Axiosthis was one unique opportunity for Nintendo to lead by example. The words of the company’s lawyer, Ajay Singh made it clear: This is a very significant moment for us.

It is the purchase of video games that sustains Nintendo and the Nintendo ecosystem, and it is the games that make people smile.commented the lawyer. That’s why we go to great lengths to prevent games from Nintendo systems from being stolen.

Parents shouldn’t be forced to explain to their children why people cheat and why sometimes games aren’t fair, just because one person wants an unfair advantage.

Despite this, some have pity the hackersince he has been suffering from the effects of Covid and a serious state of health during his 16 months of confinement prior to the resolution of the case.

On the other hand, the judge in the case commented to the jury the following: Its function is not to send a message. Their role is to decide the guilt or innocence of the facts. But my role sometimes involves sending a message.

This reinforces the idea that this trial can mark a before and after. Piracy is a serious problem within the audiovisual market. Recently the Judiciary has issued three new sentences against piracy in Seville.

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