ASUS ROG Strix SQ7 Expands SSD Offering

SSD has completely replaced hard drives as the main storage unit. The large companies in the sector have been involved in this task, as well as others that, without being specialists, have marketed their own product line.

ASUS ROG Strix SQ7, more offer

ASUS leads the sales of gaming laptops or motherboards, but it also wants its share of these types of components. The ROG Strix SQ7 SSD it is a typical OEM unit. If many are called, few are chosen. Only a handful have the ability to produce their own memory and controllers and ASUS, like many others, relies on some of the big names in the industry.

Although the full name of the memories is not seen, they can be identified as 176-layer TLC flash of Micron, while the controller is a Phison E18, one of the most used by external integrators. It features additional DDR4 memory that acts as an SLC data cache. The amount is not known.

For the rest, the ROG Strix SQ7 SSD will be marketed in an M.2 format that has ended up prevailing in SSDs connected to the PCIe Gen4 interface. Until the Gen5 arrive, the fastest that can be produced.

ASUS claims that the drive will offer sequential read speeds of up to 7000MB/s and write speeds of up to 6000MB/s. This data is in line with the performance of other models using the same driver from Kingston, MSI, Sabrent and others.

Other features cited include support for the TGC Opal security system and 256-bit AES encryption. ASUS also provides its own software control center, which of course uses the premium ROG brand, but looks like a standard Phison version for its controller, rather than something custom-made.

The company includes a license of NTI Backup Now EZ software for backup tasks and data transfer from previous storage units. ASUS ROG Strix SQ7 will be marketed with a five-year warranty and hopefully various storage capacities. So far we know the 1TB versionwithout a defined price although it will be in the average of the SSD sector.

ASUS ROG Strix SQ7 does not bring news to the sector, but it will be another alternative for solid-state drives that have an extensive offer.





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