Resident Evil Village Sets New Saga Record for Simultaneous Players on Steam;  get free theme and avatars for PS4 and PS5

Horizon Call of The Mountain, Resident Evil 8 Village, No Man’s Sky and Walking Dead Retribution for PS VR 2

Sony has unveiled the first PS VR 2 games at the State of Play. Call of the Mountain is a virtual reality experience developed by Guerrilla Games and Firesprite that immerses us in the world of Horizon.

Sony anticipated that an important part of the PlayStation State of Play on June 2 would be dedicated to the new virtual reality device for PS5: PS VR 2. Among the first games that have been shown (of the more than 20 that are in development for launch) are four new titles

The first of them has been Resident Evil 8 Village. The terrifying “survival horror” that we were able to enjoy a year ago will come with its full development to PS VR 2, as happened with Resident Evil VII Biohazard.


Resident Evil Village PS VR2

This is the complete adventure, and in the trailer for Resident Evil Village we have been able to see some of the most iconic sequences, such as the section of the castle in which Ethan Winters had to face Lady Alcina Dimitrescu and her daughters.

Next, we have had the opportunity to see the first images of Retribution, the second chapter in the series Saints and Sinners from The Walking Deadand that will also immerse us in a post-apocalyptic world plagued by zombies.

In Walking Dead Saints and Sinners Chapter 2 we will have to show off our survival skills and fight against hordes of the undead.


The Walking Dead PS VR2

The third game for PS VR 2 that we have been able to see has been the version for PS5 of No Man’s Sky. The game from Hello Games, which continues to receive updates, is already compatible with PSVR on PS4, but the power of the “next gen” console makes it look spectacular.

Finally, the fourth PS VR 2 game is Horizon Call of The Mountain, whose presence had been announced before the event.


Sky PS VR2

Horizon Call of The Mountain marks our return to the world created by Guerrilla Games, in which we accompany Aloy in Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West. But this time, it is a first-person adventure, which takes advantage of the immersion of the new device.

For its development, the Dutch study has had the collaboration of Firesprite (The Persistence VR and The Playroom VR).

Thanks to the virtual reality headset and the PS VR 2 Sense haptic controls, we will be able to live a trip in this future world, dominated by gigantic machines that resemble dinosaurs. The game will not star Aloy, although the main heroine of the saga will make an appearance (along with other well-known secondary characters).

in this second Horizon Call of The Mountain trailer for PVSVR 2 we have been able to see aspects of the combat and navigation, which adapt many of the mechanics of the “sandbox” to the first person.

If you want learn more about the world of Horizon and the mechanical beasts that populate the different biomes, we recommend that you take a look at our analysis of Horizon Forbidden West for PS5.

Here you can follow our summary of the State of Play of June 2, in which news for PS4 and PS5 such as Resident Evil 4 Remake, Stray and The Callisto Protocol have been presented.





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