Discord integrará su chat de voz en la PlayStation 5 28

Discord adds text chat to voice channels

Being the main communication platform used by gamers and streamers, for years Discord has been dragging a great absence: the presence of a voice chat integrated in the sharing of retransmissions. A function that some users have been able to access during the last month, as a first test, and that it’s finally ready for full integration into the app.

Just like they have shared from Discord itselfthe service has enabled text chat over voice channels on all of its platforms, offering a dedicated section in the voice channel where we can write and share all kinds of content, including both text and emoticons, stickers or GIFs. In addition, as detailed, it will not be necessary to join the calls in progress to be able to participate in these chats, so we can intervene as if it were any other text channel.

As an additional function, when someone posts any type of message in these chats, while we are participating in the call, we will have some new message previews with small pop-up pop-ups in the top right corner of the app.

In fact, these voice channel chats will have the same permissions and capabilities as regular text chats, so moderators will be able to adjust their options and/or limitations. Furthermore, these chats will inherit the benefits of subscription-driven servers, with benefits such as larger file uploads.

So that, this feature comes free for all servers, although it is only available now on servers for private use, leaving out servers cataloged as “Communities” for the time being. However, according to the company, all servers will have this new text function enabled in voice chats with a deadline for next June 29.





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