You can now try bionic reading, the tool to read any text much faster

You can now try bionic reading, the tool to read any text much faster

With this simple tool you will be able to read any text much faster than before.

Reading is one of the first things we learn in school, something fundamental for the rest of our lives, but it is clear that there are people who read much better or much faster than others, and perhaps because they are using a technique that is not yet you know.

Now the people of Bionic Reading He affirms that with his new tool you will be able to read faster and thus you will better retain what you are reading, the dream of any student in the world.

This tool basically what it does is to revise the texts so that the most concise parts of the words are highlighted. This guides the eye over the text and the brain remembers previously learned words more quickly.


This is how Bionic Reading could look like.

And it is that our eyes do not need to focus on the complete word because our brain can complete the rest. So by bolding the first part of the word, we can quickly jump from one word to another.

Although there is no scientific study that supports this way of highlighting the words in the texts, the test that they have put on social networks such as Twitter seems to have delighted the user community.

Obviously this has a lot to do with the brain of each of the people, since there are also users who comment that the bionic text distracted them or even slowed them down more than normal.

In recent decades, other types of speed reading tools have also been released, which allow our brain to finish understanding a word before seeing it, in order to move on to the next one much more quickly.

You can use your free text converter on its own web page to experiment with if you are interested in the tool.





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