Elon Musk se enfrenta a una demanda por sus tweets sobre Twitter

Elon Musk faces lawsuit over his tweets on Twitter

I have already commented on more than one occasion that I am not a big fan of Elon Musk’s communication style. Obviously I respect that he says whatever he wants, but with the same, I understand that we are owners of what we keep silent and servants of what we say. And although I don’t believe in karma, a concept that seems too ideal and beautiful to be true, there is no doubt that, on many occasions, our actions provoke reactions that, as a general rule, are adjusted to similar scales.

This is not the first time that verbal incontinence has played a trick on Elon Musk. From the absurd controversy over his proposal for the mini-submarine to rescue children trapped in a cave in Thailand to becoming the great Dogecoin guru on SNL, just when users decided to devalue the cryptocurrency, and focusing on the occasions in which his words have been heard by some regulators who have decided to ask him for explanations about it.

The soap opera of the purchase of Twitter, now on pause, could not be left out of this constant in the life of Elon Musk. As we told you a few days ago, his last action in this regard was to demand that the final purchase amount be adjusted based on the actual number of bots on Twitter, something to which more criticism of Twitter is added through the social network itself. Some movements that have affected the price of Twitter shares, something that in turn affects shareholders.

So as far as we can read on Yahoo! Finance, an investor has denounced Elon Musk, stating that with his messages he has manipulated the price of Twitter shares. And although for the time being the complaint has been filed by a single investor, it is in the form of a collective lawsuit, so that other investors may join it if they also consider themselves affected by the devaluation in the price of the shares caused by the declarations of Elon Musk.

Complaint Claims Elon Musk Already Knew About Estimated Number of Twitter Bots, the aforementioned five percent, before signing the purchase. However, according to the plaintiff, he would have decided to pause the purchase and post the messages on Twitter to decrease the share price. Something that, if it were his goal, he would have comfortably achieved, since in these weeks the shares have dropped from $54.20 per share at the time Musk’s plans were made public, to less than $40 per share. that are currently listed.

The lawsuit has been filed in the state of California, whose legal framework prohibits market manipulationwhich is what Elon Musk says he has done in recent weeks, and the general opinion is that the intention pursued with this way of acting would be to force a renegotiation of the price after the drop in the share price.





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