Windows 11 forces the use of Microsoft Edge for its new desktop web search feature

Windows 11 fuerza el uso de Microsoft Egde para su nueva función de búsquedas web desde el escritorio 29

With a decision that will certainly not be without controversy, it seems that the latest preview version of Windows 11 would be testing a new function for add an integrated internet search box directly to the desktop. Something that, although it could be good news, comes under the great fault of not respecting our default browser, forcing the use of Bing and Microsoft Edge instead.

This is how they have shared it since bleeping computerwho ensure that this new feature is currently being tested with a small subset of Windows Insidersas part of Windows 11 build 25120 on the Dev channel.

Looking quite similar to the Google Widgets experience on Android phones and tablets, when this feature is enabled, Windows 11 will start the DesktopSearchBoxWin32Exe.exe process to show what Microsoft calls internally the “Desktop Search Box”creating a small box on the desktop background, as shown in the shared screenshots.

In this way, Windows 11 users will be able to have even faster access for your web searchessaving the step of having to open the browser to start with them, either through a keyword, the complete search of URLs, and even direct access to an entered URL.

However, as we said, the biggest problem with this functionality is that (at least according to what this first testing period shows) this function would force us to use the Microsoft Edge browser and the Bing search engine, which continues with the incessant push from Microsoft to force users to use their browser and the rest of the tools in their ecosystem.

On the other hand, it is also worth noting the fact that this bar will occupy a useful space on our desktop, so it could become a headache for those users with more populated desktops. In addition, although this function can offer us a small saving of time, it is true that most users (among which I can include myself) barely passes your desk more than during the few seconds after starting your computer, using the system navigation bar and shortcuts to move around the computer.

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