GIAV, Gesintur’s travel agency software

software de agencia de viajes

The travel agency software is the main computer tool for most companies in a sector that, as we are going to analyze in this article, is very complex and full of special features.

The importance of good computerized management

The travel agency sector in Spain stands out for:

  1. Be a very competitive market niche. Margins are getting tighter and the added value of operations lies in minimizing management costs and not making mistakes. A simple error in the application of theVAT, which, as we will explain later, is convoluted, it can mean losing money in a sale.
  2. travel is a world highly technical. In fact, it was one of the first sectors to become computerized.
  3. the internet has changed everything. Small travel agencies, whether they work in a physical office or exclusively online, have to compete on the net. The Internet has democratized the market, but it also requires a high level of technology to offer a quality service.
  4. The cloud has come to stay. Many agencies are still using old software, with desktop programs that only work locally. This has several drawbacks. The first of these is that it forces them to be located in a certain physical space, the travel office.

It also entails a higher outlay and having a more complex computing infrastructure (own servers, backup systems, local computer network).

Thanks to the cloud and software like Giav based on it, our office is the world. The schedule will be the one that best suits our clients and our organization. We also minimize hardware and software needs. A laptop with an internet connection and a simple browser are all the infrastructure we need.

Travel agencies need special software that works in the cloud and incorporates AI

Giav it meets all the requirements of a modern software for a travel agency of 2022.

  • Each management is proceedingswhich greatly facilitates the traceability and conservation of data Y documents involved in a travel contract.
  • The run in the cloud it allows the collaboration of dispersed teams and is perfect for telecommuting. It also greatly simplifies the computing infrastructure. The data is safe on external servers. We don’t have to invest in an expensive network or worry about backups. It’s possible to work on a PC in the office and end up on a mobile device somewhere else.
  • Adapted to complex Spanish tax regulations of the sector, where they coexist three different regimens: the general, the special VAT and the Fourth Additional Provision. It is essential to have software prepared for this reality.

GIAV simplifies the VAT application process. The agent does not have to be a tax expert, since this software automates the appropriate VAT repercussion process in every situation.

  • GIAV maximize the potential of the artificial intelligencehe (AI). This sector is ideal for intensive data processing (BIG DATA). The accumulation of information and computer subroutines serve to create a work environment in which many decisions and processes of the agents are made automatically. The possibility of human error is reduced and routine work time is freed. For example, the billing and reservation process is greatly simplified.
  • The time saved will be devoted to tasks with greater added valuesuch as improving the customer experience.
  • Security and agility are the principles that must be followed by any software applied to this sector, where there are thousands of procedures and procedures.
  • The GIAV menus are intuitive, with visible tabs and adapted to each of the user profiles. The program adapts to the agent and not the other way around.
  • The run in browser is much more friendly. We are used to mobile environments and working with tabs. The learning curve is noticeably reduced in these environments. The user experience (UX) it’s very good.
  • GIAV has a touch interface and highly responsivewhich enhances the use on mobile devices.
  • Quick access to the latest transactionswhich results in a simplification of the work.
  • The information offered very graphic and intuitivewith personalized sales and profitability reports to control the progress of the business directly.
  • Simple integration of legal regulations on Data Protection. The RGPD is very rigorous in this matter, and can greatly complicate its treatment if we do not have the precise tools. With GIAV compliance with the law is easy and safe.

GIAV is also a great CRM

Giav is a all in one tool: complete management of reservations and contracts; billing; connection with wholesalers and agile relationships with customers. For the latter, the programs crms. With GIAV, you don’t need to have another program, since within the same application we find a very powerful and special one for this sector.

GIAV makes it easy to send SMS, emailshold conversations of WhatsApp with the clients. Also track your sales history and collect the satisfaction level with our service. The function of remote digital signaturewhich gives us certainty about the contracted product and the acceptance of conditions by the client.

It also has a complete treasury manager (with pending collection and payment alerts) and a control of income and expensesideal for keeping a simple and up-to-date cost accounting.

Although we leave it for the end, it is not the least important. GIAV is great for its price. It is cheap and transparent: a single monthly payment per user (from 9 euros per license). There are no stays. Nor do we have to pay for licenses that we do not use. You only have to hire the ones you need. The rate is adapted to the typical seasonality of these companies. There is no cost in idle resources as it happens with other programs. Giav is powerful, secure and easy to use.

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