Kali Linux 2022.2

Kali Linux 2022.2, new version of the distro specialized in computer security

Offensive Security has announced Kali Linux 2022.2, the second update this year of what is one of the best GNU/Linux distributions specialized in computer security.

KaliLinux it’s all a reference in the world of hacking. It is used by cybersecurity professionals and ethical hackers to test the security of systems, although its popularity has transcended into a system that can also be used as a general-purpose distro by users concerned about security and privacy. Debian-basedis oriented to information security tasks such as penetration tests, local and remote network security research, computer forensics and reverse engineering.

KaliLinux 2022.2

It’s the second version this year and it comes with improvements to the available desktop environments, Microsoft’s WSL GUI, terminal tweaks, and new tools. Kali Linux 2022.2 has been updated to the desktop environment Gnome 42 and offers a more modern look, removing arrows from pop-up menus and using more rounded edges. A built-in screen capture and recording tool has been added and the Kali-Dark and Kali-Light themes have been updated.

This release also includes an update to KDE Plasma 5.24 with improved design and interface adjustments. Another notable change is that apps will now honor custom icons added by Kali Team instead of displaying older and likely more pixelated icons that are included with apps.

The Kali team has added a Hollywood-inspired screensaver that users of the distro will recognize as it was created as part of their Anglo-Saxon April Fools’ Day “Kali 4 Kids” prank. For those running Kali Linux under the Windows Subsystem for Linux, the developers have included Win-KeX to allow you to launch GUI applications using WSL-G.

new tools

The tools for hacking and penetration testing continue to be the great asset of this development and Kali Linux 2022.2 has added new features to a number that already exceeds 300 of them:

  • BruteShark – Network Forensic Analysis Tool (NFAT).
  • Evil-WinRM – WinRM shell.
  • Hakrawler – Web crawler.
  • Httpx – Fast, multipurpose HTTP toolkit.
  • LAPSDumper – LAPS password dumper.
  • PhpSploit – Stealth post-exploitation framework.
  • PEDump – Win32 executable file dumper.
  • SentryPeer – VoIP.
  • Sparrow-wifi – Wi-Fi analyzer.
  • wifipumpkin3 – Framework for rogue access points.

Kali Linux 2022.2 is available to update existing or new installations downloading your ISO images for x86, 64-bit, or ARM computers. It can be installed locally or used in ‘live’ mode without affecting the main installed system. you have the full release notes in this link.





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