ASUS ROG STRIX Scar Ultra laptops will be powered by Intel Alder Lake-HX

Just one day before the company’s next event that will take place tomorrow, May 17, details about the new ASUS ROG STRIX Scarthe next update to this family of gaming laptops, which will arrive equipped with the latest Intel Alder Lake-HX processors.

At the moment the details about this new family of laptops are still quite scarce, although as we can see in the marketing slides filtered by ITHome. As per the details teased, these laptops will be available in various configurations including standard Intel Alder Lake-H as well as high-end Alder Lake-HX.

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Starting with the top model, which It would arrive under the name of ROG Strix Scar 6 Plus Ultrawe find some specifications centered around a high-end Core i9-12900HX with 16 cores and 24 threads. A CPU that although it has a maximum boost clock of 5.0 GHz from the factory, it will have a small overclock in this computer, increasing its speed up to 5.2 GHzmaking this laptop one of the fastest machines available on the mobility market.

As for the rest of the components, the entire Strix Scar line will also equip today’s fastest mobility GPUs, with a 16 GB NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti. Components that, in addition to unmatched power and performance, have TDPs of 157 W and up to 175 W, with a combined power of more than 300 W. Something that leaves us with a great unknown regarding the cooling system, as well as the size specifications of the laptop, which is expected to be somewhat thicker compared to other traditional devices.

Thus completing the rest of the specifications of this family, the ASUS ROG Strix Scar 6 will have 15.6-inch screenswith the only difference being the larger model, which will have a 17.3-inch screen; all of them available in multiple resolution and refresh rate options. Finally all models will support up to 64 GB of DDR5 memory and up to four M.2 storage devices.





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