Twitter will indicate your activity in your profile

Twitter indicará tu actividad en tu perfil

Having a profile on social networks is something that is becoming more common every day. Although there are still people who are reluctant to use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and others, there are not a few people who at least create a profile on them to have faster access to publications that may be interesting to them. And there are also those who access them daily, but they practically always just read, they never participate in the conversation.

There’s also profiles whose users are like Guadiana, appear and disappear periodically, just as they spend a season being very very active, they suddenly cease activity, either temporarily or permanently. And this is the most understandable thing in the world, really. When we sign up for Twitter we accept endless legal terms, but after reviewing them I can guarantee that we do not commit to a minimum of daily, weekly or monthly publications. Yes, it is true that, after a long period of inactivity, Twitter can close an account, but this term is measured in years.

This, yes, It can be a conditioning factor when following or not a specific account, not in vain many Twitter users check the volume of publications of an account before following it or not. Until now, to check it, it was necessary to go to the profile of the account in question and review its publications. However, and based on a test that is already being carried out, we may soon be able to save ourselves from reviewing the messages.

And it is that, again the incredibly prolific Jane Manchun Wong, probably the best informed leaker on Twitter, advances us an image with a new function in this social network. As we can see in her tweet, more specifically in the image, Twitter will show in the users profile an indicator of their usual activity level. Specifically, in the image that we can see, it is indicated that it is an account in which messages are published daily, that is, quite active.

As we can read in Manchun Wong’s tweet, in this section the states can be shown daily (daily), weekly (weekly), monthly (monthly), infrequently (infrequently) and never (never). And yes, it is true that the same information can be obtained simply by reviewing the account’s publication history. But, on the other hand, there will surely be users who prefer that this information not be displayed, so it is to be expected that Twitter will allow this to be configured to the user’s liking.

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