Apple is already testing USB-C adapters on iPhones

Unión Europea universalización USB-C iphone

Just a few years ago we talked about the first rumors that Apple could be preparing to adopt the USB-C connector to its next iPhone during the coming year. A hypothesis that now gains more relevance, after Bloomberg has ensured that the company is already testing the expansion of USB-C adapters already present in its MacBook and iPad in the rest of its ecosystem.

Bloomberg sources say the adapter being tested can “allow future iPhone work with accessories designed for the current Lightning connector» in addition to the jump itself to the USB-C connector. That could mean a Lightning to USB-C adapter for things like credit card scanners or flash drives that plug into existing iPhones. Some changes that would again point, at the earliest, to next year.

In fact, the switch to USB-C would be an improvement for Apple’s iPhones, with a connector just slightly larger than Lightning, but Offers faster power charging and data transmission. However, while the evolution from micro USB to USB-C seems like a mere matter of time, Apple continues to defend its brand-exclusive Lightning chargers.

However, beyond the possible interests of Apple, it is that beyond the exercise of unification of technological devices under the same standard that Europe is seeking, mainly driven by the search for a reduction in electronic waste, the new legislation proposed to the European territory will require a complete rethinking of its ports. In fact, if it continues to progress in the way it is, Apple would be forced to offer this compatibility with USB-C to be able to continue selling their phones in the community space.

That’s why, although this new legislation apparently won’t take effect until next year 2026, everything indicates that Apple is looking for a gradual change for its devices, which could start as soon as next year.

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