PNY MicroSD XLR8(R) GAMING, for when performance is key

PNY MicroSD XLR8(R) GAMING, para cuando el rendimiento es la clave

Just take a quick look at the specifications of the new PNY MicroSD XLR8(R) GAMING memories to verify that, indeed, as its name indicates, we are dealing with a proposal clearly aimed at Users with particularly high performance requirements, and especially in speed. A type of need that can be applied to various types of activities, among which the most present is gaming. And it is that, let us remember, a long time ago that the PC and the consoles stopped being the only platforms to play.

Today we have smartphones and tablets, as well as a complete range of portable consoles, some with a performance that has nothing to envy to a laptop or a desktop PC, devices with processors and GPUs of a not inconsiderable power, a good handful of gigabytes of RAM and screens of enormous quality. However, and this is a problem for many users, storage capacity is often somewhat limited, so that over time it ends up filling up. This is where PNY’s proposal comes into play, with its MicroSD XLR8(R) GAMING.

And it is that although memory cards usually compete in inferior conditions with internal memory, in the case of the MicroSD XLR8(R) GAMING we can count on up to 100MB/s sequential read and 90MB/s sequential write, so we are talking about a U3/V30/A2 memory card. Or, put another way, an external storage medium capable of offering the necessary performance both for high-definition video recording (4K Ultra HD) and for the use of very demanding apps in terms of reading and writing speeds. of data.

With the speed provided by the PNY MicroSD XLR8(R) GAMING cards, the great advantage is that we can not only store and access the data on it quickly, in fact the most remarkable thing is that we can also use them to install apps on them, including games, and its performance will not be affected. An ideal option if, for example, we use a portable console and want to always carry a good collection of titles with us.

The PNY MicroSD XLR8(R) GAMING is a MicroSDXC card with UHS-I bus interface, and its announcement occurs simultaneously with its arrival on the market, with two capacities, 128 and 256 gigabytes.

More information: PNY

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