Scuf Reflex PS5 Personalizable

Scuf Reflex controllers for PS5 can now be fully customized

Released at the end of last year, and with a simultaneous availability to the publication of this article, from now on we will be able to access the complete customization of the Scuf Reflex controllers for PS5 along with the rest of control customizationswhich includes from a complete change of its aesthetics and the colors of all the components, as well as the hardware edition itself, being able to change the joysticks, D-Pad, and even the path of the triggers.

Like the rest of its available controls, we will have a series of default configurations, and not complete freedom to create our own designs. Although the extensive customization offered by these controls is almost overwhelming, being able to find without problem a command that suits our tastes perfectly.

And it is that now that the world of streaming is enjoying such health and popularity, having a personalized controller that represents us perfectly can undoubtedly help us further strengthen our personal brand.

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All this of course maintaining the form format and all the advantages of the official PS5 controls, including improvements like haptic vibration feedback. In addition, connectivity with the console is very simple, detecting the Scuf Reflex controls in the same way as it would with the normal DualSense, being able to connect it both by cable and wirelessly through a Bluetooth connection. Something that will also allow us to establish the use of the Scuf Reflex as the main command for the console.

However, we must bear in mind that all these additional features will come from the hand of a surcharge in its final price, so it will be possible to exceed 300 euros by adding all the possible extras on the base command.

A price that, although obviously it will not be accessible to all players, is undoubtedly the most appropriate, exceptionally rewarding every penny invested. In addition, although it is a somewhat distant price from the original PS5 controls, it is not an unusual price within the pro controls, also adding this wide customization capacity.





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