Windows 11 23H2 ya está cerca de los insiders del canal DEV

Windows 11 23H2 is already close to the insiders of the DEV channel

We are still a few months apart from the launch of Windows 11 22H2 but, as we have already been telling you weeks and months ago, what we can consider as the great update of Windows 11 this year is already quite advancedas users of the DEV and Beta channels of the Windows Insiders program can currently verify, in which Microsoft is already finishing testing Sun Valley 2 for its future deployment among users of the consumer version.

Thus, and confirming that Microsoft has opted for only one major update per year, which would be the second semester, in Redmond they have been working on Windows 11 23H2 for a while nowie in next year’s major Windows update. And with the first steps already taken, what’s next? Indeed, involving insiders in the testing of the development process of this future version of Windows 11.

Therefore, how can we read in Windows Latestusers who are currently in the DEV channel of the insider program, will start receiving the first builds of Windows 11 23H2 soon. Some compilations that, as the company itself warns, can be very unstable, so its use is not recommended, in any way, on systems whose correct operation depends on any type of activity, whether personal or professional.

This is not something new, in August of last year, two months after the arrival of Windows 11, Microsoft issued a notice to the same effect, when the developers started working on version 22H1, also with some rather unstable first builds. The same recommendation that was issued at the time is the one that is proposed now: jump to the preview channel if stability is very important, or to the beta channel if you are looking for a balance between stability and innovation.

For users who consider taking this leap it is essential, yes, do it as soon as possible. Why? Because DEV and Beta currently use builds of Windows 11 22H2, so jumping between them is feasible. However, by the time DEV jumps to 23H2 and its users receive the first build of this version, jumping back to a more stable build of 22H2 will only be possible with a fresh reinstall.

If you are a very curious person, you might consider staying (or even jumping) on ​​the DEV channel, but know that, at least for the first few builds, you will not find news of Windows 11 23H2. In these first steps, many changes are established in the “guts” of the operating system, aimed at the subsequent deployment of the changes and new functions.





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