They stand up the dragon Greyoll from Elden Ring and she is so big that the game can't move her and she ends up hanging

They stand up the dragon Greyoll from Elden Ring and she is so big that the game can’t move her and she ends up hanging

The mother of all dragons breaks the Elden Ring. The size of the dragon Greyoll has made Miyazaki’s title backfire if she tries to lift it…

The Middle Lands hide innumerable really particular zones. One of them is Montedrago, bed of Greyoll, an area located near Caelid that is a big jump in the difficulty of the game.

The enemies have a higher level, but what is most impressive are the numerous dragons that we can find. By the time you get to this area, you may have already fought one, but what awaits you here surpasses anything within the Elden Ring.


Elden Ring – Trailer with Ming-Na Wen

Walking with Torretera will eventually end up with the Ancient Dragon Greyolla beast of gigantic dimensions that will probably leave you speechless and with little desire to fight.

The challenge is considerable, as it is surrounded by scaly offspring that you will have to defeat. If you succeed, you will have defeated this monstrosity, which cannot move due to its immense proportions.

However, curiosity is a hallmark of every good fan of soulslike and A dataminer wanted to find out the true size of the Ancient Dragon Greyoll. Well, the answer has not disappointed anyone.

User Zullie the Witch has discovered that The size of this head is 86 meters in height, 182 m in length and a wingspan of 261 meters. Total, that this user has managed to make it move around the map and attack what has made Elden Ring burst.


Elden Ring – Waking up the giants

As the video shows, the dragon is so big that when she starts to move and interact the game starts to crash until it ends up crashing permanently. FromSoftware… you’ve overdone the size.

What do you think? If you like the game and want to continue discovering curiosities, we leave you here the great secret of Elden Ring that was hidden in its first trailer… and nobody noticed.

In addition, another dataminer has managed to gain access to the mysterious coliseums of the Elden Ring to reveal its secrets, which continue to point to a possible DLC that expands the story.





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