The Quarry has 186 different endings and the recording was crazy, over a thousand pages of script!

The Quarry has 186 different endings and the recording was crazy, over a thousand pages of script!

The script for The Quarry, the new narrative game-like interactive movie from the creators of Until Dawn, ran to over a thousand pages… and the actors had to shoot the same scenes many times to come up with 186 endings!

Super Massive Games It has been focused on its horror anthology, The Dark Pictures Anthology, for three years, and this year, faithful to its annual date, they will release a new installment, the fourth: The Devil in Me (with an Oscar-nominated actress as the protagonist).

But in between, they’re releasing a brand new game, published by 2K Games, another teen horror adventure called The Quarry, but one that promises to mark a turning point in their “interactive movie” history.

And it is that The Quarry will have nothing less than… 186 different endings!


The Quarry – Official Launch Trailer

In a video of IGN (via Eurogamer), the director of The Quarry (and previously of Until Dawn), Will Bylesexplains how they managed to create a script that has 186 endings.

Basically, with a lot of patience, because this script was over 1,000 pages long… something that made the actors, all from the world of cinema or TV, accustomed to 100-page scripts, alarmed.

We have to record 50 pages a day, something unheard of. It’s a crazy amount of footageByles says.

how is there 186 different endingsincluding many variables beyond whether they live or die, many scenes were the same with somewhat different endings or contexts.

Hence the actors had to record the same lines many timesbut changing the context: he will not have the same voice, even if it is the same conversation, when he knows that this character has just killed another.

The ramifications were a mathematical nightmare. was exponentialsays Byles, who claims that some variables will significantly impact the story, and others will impact character relationships.

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Among the actors who have faced this thousand-page script are David Arquette (Scream saga), Ariel Winter (Modern Family), Justice Smith (Jurassic World), Brenda Song (Dollface), Lance Henriksen (Aliens) or Lin Shaye (A Nightmare on Elm Street).

If you find it overwhelming, The Quarry will have a cinema mode in which, literally, you can see the whole story as if it were a movie, without touching any button. However, before viewing you can choose variables that will affect its development.





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