Samsung T7 Shield

Samsung T7 Shield adds strength to the compact size of this external SSD

Samsung T7 Shield is the latest addition to the South Korean giant to your external storage line. To the well-known compact size and high performance of the series, this version adds elements of durability and safety.

You already know that solid-state drives completely dominate consumer storage. And they are being used more and more in external solutions where they also show their great advantages over hard drives. The original Samsung T7 SSD and its ‘Touch’ edition were a good example. On that basis, now comes a new version whose last name ‘Shield’ tells us where the shots go.

Samsung T7 Shield: all for resistance

“Designed from the inside out”Samsung says, the T7 Shield is shock resistant and falls up to three meters high and is IP65 certified against dust and water. Despite the new rugged design, its size is similar to that of a credit card and its weight remains a contained 98 grams to carry anywhere in a pocket.

Additionally, the T7 Shield security has been strengthened (AES 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard) with hardware encryption so consumer data can be securely protected even if the drive is lost.

Its performance is impressive with data transfers in read mode of up to 1,050 MB per second. This is achieved by internally using the NVMe interface and USB 3.2 Gen 2 10 Gbps. It’s about twice as fast as its predecessor, the T5, and up to 9.5 times faster than external hard drives.

For external connections, Samsung offers a USB Type-C port and USB Type-C-to-C or USB Type-C-to-A cabling to increase compatibility on equipment with earlier versions of the standard. It is officially compatible with Windows, Mac and Android, although it should also work with others such as Linux and iOS.

The Samsung T7 Shield is now available in select markets in beige, black and blue finishes, and in storage capacities of 1TB or 2TBwith respective official prices of 134 and 239 dollars. In Spain, the best offer we see is 2 Tbytes for 257 euros.





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