Star Wars Rogue Squadron director wants a Switch remaster that includes all content from the canceled Wii version

Star Wars Rogue Squadron director wants a Switch remaster that includes all content from the canceled Wii version

Julien Eggebrecht, co-founder of Factor 5, asks Aspyr to release a definitive remaster of Star Wars Rogue Squadron. Will content from the never-released Wii version be included?

If there’s one publisher that’s preserving the legacy of Star Wars games, it’s Aspyr. Apart from his new remake of Knights of the Old Republic, the truth is that he also they are releasing a lot of remastered star wars classics.

Yesterday we told you that Star Wars Rogue Squadron, the classic flight game of the saga, could return with a remastering. Aspyr assures that it will be so if the public wants it.

As a result of this news (which we hope will come true), Rogue Squadron director Julien Eggerbrecht, has unveiled your wish list for this unannounced remaster… which would, of course, be coming to Nintendo Switch.


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Good old Eggerbrecht has not fallen short. Let’s remember that Rogue Squadron was released in 1998 for PC and Nintendo 64.while its two sequels remain GameCube exclusives.

I’m sure you remember that Star Wars Rogue Squadron was going to have a remastered version for Wii, taking advantage of the console’s motion sensor. Unfortunately, LucasArts decided to cancel the project.

Well, if Aspyr ends up announcing a Rogue Squadron remaster, Eggerbrecht wants it to be the definitive edition of the game. And pay close attention to what the co-founder of Factor 5 asks…

The one on Switch should be the last Rogue. Using every last bit of the Wii version, support for all Switch controllers, all Leader and Strike levels in one as intended, fixed and mixed. Multiplayer. 1:1 gyro lightsaber combat. 60fps”.

Star Wars Rogue Squadron

What a dream that would be, right? Eggerbrecht wants Aspyr to throw a hypervitaminized version of the canceled Wii edition. This included not only the 1998 classic, but also the two sequels.

Essentially, we are talking about a single Rogue Squadron that brings together all the levels, characters and ships of the saga. Furthermore, Eggerbrecht wants run at 60fpsbe compatible with the gyroscope (and other Switch controllers), which add multiplayerand much more.

Of course this remaster would include the graphics of that canceled version for Wii, but with updated modeling, textures, and shading. Even Eggerbrecht wants 1v1 lightsaber combat to be rescued. Wonderful!

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To round this out, you should include a remastered N64/PC Rogue Squadron with highly detailed Wii ship models, updated textures and shaders. The Force would be very powerful”.

Will this remaster of Star Wars Rogue Squadron from Aspyr? I hope so, and if it can include everything that Eggerbrecht asks for, then all the better. Would you like to see this dream come true? May the force be with you.





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