The GTA 6 logo could have been leaked after an alleged Rockstar merchandising has come to light

Rockstar is looking for testers for new games and fans think it could be GTA 6

Have new details emerged about GTA 6? The revelation of a supposedly official Rockstar merchandising has been able to make it clear what the logo of the expected game will be.

We know that GTA 6 is in development, but nothing else has come to us officially. The Rockstar game seems like it could take a long time to arrive, despite the constant rumors and alleged leaks that continue detailing some possible aspects of this installment.

with the recent GTA V launch on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S and its rating for PC, the saga is once again on everyone’s lips. When will we know more about the new installment? For now, it looks like it’s going to be time to settle for a few loose crumbs.

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In this case, some fans have indicated an update to the Rockstar Games online store to let them know what it will be. GTA 6 logosomething that has sparked comments from the entire community.

As reported, Rockstar’s product website received a small update on April 15 with a new item. A screenshot released to the networks by an attentive user revealed that this garment would have inadvertently sneaked into the store.

The article was about a t-shirt that was tagged under the name ‘Black_Americas_Logo’ and featured a really particular logo, the number six in Roman numerals “VI”. With a very curious typography and with blue and pink colors, many suspect that this is the logo of GTA 6.

Of course, this information should be taken for what it is, something that is not official and that it is not an announcement from Rockstar that has already been made clear.

As we say, with GTA 6 you will have to be patient. Even with that, many users claim to have seen that logo elsewhere. Although others warn that it could be fake. Nothing can be taken for granted in this regard.

When will GTA VI arrive? Many think that the success of the PS5 and Xbox Series X version can affect the development of the new installment. It has already been mentioned before that the development of this new installment could have been delayed due to the incredible reception of GTA V over the years.

Rumors about the game keep coming. Recently, new details of the protagonists of GTA 6 and the game’s prologue emerged, which were shared by a well-known leaker.

We will be attentive to any data that arrives about the long-awaited game, which according to an insider, has already passed an important stage of its development. What do you expect from this installment?

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