Superman could regain notoriety in the DC Extended Universe after the merger of WarnerMedia and Discovery

Superman could regain notoriety in the DC Extended Universe after the merger of WarnerMedia and Discovery

The last son of Krypton sees a ray of hope on the horizon. The new bosses at Warner Bros. Discovery want to put Superman back on the big screen.

The Henry Cavill Superman is possibly one of the most mistreated DC characters by Warner in the last decade. Cavill first played Kal’EL/Clark Kent in 2013, in the film Man of Steel by Zack Snyder.

The film kicked off what we know today as DC Extended Universe. Henry Cavill would return as Superman in two more movies.

In 2016, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice saw the British actor take on the Ben Affleck’s Batman (and die). A year later, Justice League brought the character back, though it would also start the pandemonium of chaos that the DCEU was to become.

Although Cavill once again wore the famous “S” on his chest in Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Warner has given many headaches and swerves when it comes to the future of the character.

The projects announced by the study have indicated intentions to depart from everything related to the DC Extended Universe and Cavill’s Superman. The actor, by contrast, has never denied his desire to return to the role. directors like Christopher McQuarrie (Mission Impossible 7) have expressed an interest in directing Man of Steel 2.

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All these are, for now, castles in the sky. But, the recent merger between WarnerMedia and Discovery has generated a change in the leadership of Warner Bros. that could lead to the return of Superman to the big screen.

Although it is suggested that The Flash will shelve Superman in favor of Sasha Calle’s Supergirl, Warner’s new bosses think it’s crazy to pass on a character like Kal’EL.

An report picked up by Variety points out that the new managers of Warner Bros. consider that Superman is a character that “has been left to languish for years“and they want him to get his glory back.

Article it does not specifically include what plans there are on the part of the new executivesbut it could certainly be the hope that many fans have that Cavill will return to his role.

Do you think Warner will go that route, or will they bring a new Superman into the DC Extended Universe? Will the merger with Discovery put an end to Warner’s successive controversies with DC?





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