Kratos motion capture actor arrested for “alleged explicit sexual communication” with a minor

Kratos motion capture actor arrested for "alleged explicit sexual communication" with a minor

Actor Joseph Gatt is arrested for communicating (allegedly) in sexual terms with a minor. He has participated in games like God of War, Skyrim or Star Wars The Old Republic.

Every day reprehensible events happen in our society… and, sadly, sometimes this involves the video game industry. Of course, we remember that we must always maintain the presumption of innocence as a rule.

Surely many of you know that Christopher Judge is the voice actor of Kratos in the God of War saga. However, the motion capture actor is Joseph Gattwho has also participated in Skyrim or Star Wars: The Old Republic.

The Los Angeles Police Department has announced the arrest of Joseph Gatt at his homeafter receiving an alert from the cybernetic division of the Ombudsman for Minors.

According to the statement, Gatt has been arrested for allegedly communicate in sexually explicit terms with a minor. At the moment the case is being investigated.

Joseph Gatt is known for being Kratos’ motion capture actor. Not only in the 2018 reboot, but also in previous installments of the PlayStation saga… which has undoubtedly caused a stir in the video game sector.

Joseph Gatt

After notifying the notice from the defense agency against minors, the Police arrested Joseph Gatt last morning 6 of April. english actor He was ordered to pay $5,000 bail and was released the same day..

gatt has denied categorically all these accusations. In a statement (via Twitter and Instagram), the actor assures that he has not committed such an atrocity, and that is cooperating with the authorities to clean up your image.

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I obviously want to address the absolutely horrific and completely false accusations that have recently been leveled against me. They are 100% wrong and reckless. I have confirmed errors and misleading information in today’s press release. I am fully cooperating with the police and LAPD to get to the bottom of this. I hope to clear my good name”.

Outside of video games, Joseph Gatt is also recognized for having played the character Thenn Warg in Game of Thrones. The actor and the various judicial bodies are investigating the casein order to clarify what happened.

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