Goodbye, Scrat: Blue Sky Studios says goodbye by giving the beloved squirrel his acorn

Goodbye, Scrat: Blue Sky Studios says goodbye by giving the beloved squirrel his acorn

Scrat has spent 20 years chasing and coveting his prized acorn. The last appearance of him will make the lovable squirrel finally get his prize.

This year, Blue Sky Studios would have celebrated the 20th anniversary of the premiere of Ice Age: The Ice Age. The iconic 2002 animated film received an Oscar nomination and wowed audiences with its style, humor and characters.

The movie directed by Chris Wedge became an entire franchise that has generated animation series and video games with endearing and hilarious protagonists.

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You will have noticed, of course, that we have said “would have” at the beginning of the text. Following the acquisition of Fox’s film and television assets by DisneyBlue Sky Studios ended up in a fish tank with too many fish.

The House of Mouse opted for the dissolution of the iconic animation studio in 2021. Blue Sky Studios ceased to exist. They left in their wake movies like Robots, Rio or Ferdinandin addition to the entire Ice Age saga: The ice age.

More than one was heartbroken to learn that Scrat, the endearing squirrel from Ice Age, would never get to eat his acorn. For five movies, Scrat has battled ice, wind, fire, and plenty of rocks to sink his teeth into that delicious acorn.

Part of the Blue Sky Studios team couldn’t let Scrat say goodbye like that. They joined forces in the last days of the studio’s existence and put together a short farewell short for Scrat.

they are just 35 seconds in which this endearing character reaches for his acorn and nothing happens. Scrat can safely eat the fruit and get on with his life.

Perhaps, one day, it will appear in a block of ice trying to reach another object. Or perhaps, the vital aspiration of this prehistoric squirrel was to reach that acorn and say goodbye to us with that solemn fade to black, as great stories say goodbye.

All goodbyes are bitter, but knowing the story behind Scrat’s, those 35 seconds have value and a huge message. To put text on it, we say goodbye to this article with the words that accompany the Blue Sky Studios clip:

In the final days of Blue Sky Studios, a small team of artists got together to do one final shot. This photo is a farewell, one on our own terms“.





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