They discover that Elden Ring hides a bug related to the double jump of the horse

They discover that Elden Ring hides a bug related to the double jump of the horse

A user has discovered a strange bug in Elden Ring, which causes the horse’s double jump to not work if we drop from a ledge, instead of jumping, while carrying a specific type of weapon.

Elden Ring is an incredibly difficult game, but it won’t be because it doesn’t give you leeway to dodge death. One of the most useful movements, which can save your life in a fall, is the double jump of the horse.

Elden Ring allows you to do a double jump with the horse that can save you from a deadly fall, as long as it is less than 20 meters. User illusory wall has analyzed all the mechanics of the game, and has discovered that if you fall more than 20 meters you will no longer be able to use the double jump to escape death.

However, it turns out there is a strange bug that makes the double jump not work. Many users believe that the possibility of making a double jump with the horse depends on whether you have jumped from the edge or dropped, but this is not the case.

In theory, Elden Ring will always let you double jump with the Torrent horse, no matter if you have jumped or dropped.

That is the theory, because in practice it is not like that, and after thinking about it a lot, illusory wall has come to the conclusion about what It has no logical explanation and it is a bug. This is the video (you can see it from minute 7:38).

This bug causes the double jump to not work if both of these conditions occur: a) you drop off the edge instead of jumpingY b) you have equipped a weapon of the following classes:

  • Greatswords
  • colossal swords
  • Heavy charging swords
  • curved swords
  • big axes
  • big hammers
  • colossal weapons
  • spears
  • great spears
  • Halberd
  • double sheets
  • Scythe

If you jump with the Torrent horse while holding those weapons instead of dropping, the double jump will work as intended.

These are very common conditions that have caused many users assume that you can’t double jump the horse if you drop off an edge instead of jumping, when it is not the case. If you’re carrying another weapon, you’ll be able to double jump even if you dropped.

This has made the user doubt that he has discovered the bug. Is it something intentional? Most of the weapons that prevent you from double jumping if you drop are heavy and you let them rest on your shoulder… but not all, for example. The spear isn’t heavy and it doesn’t let you do the jump either.

Also, since it doesn’t make much sense either (why would it only let you double jump with a heavy weapon if you’ve already jumped before?), user illusory wall speculates that it might be an animation bug.

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Elden Ring has many more curiosities, such as a feature that was removed that helped understand the story and lore, while users continue to break speedrun records beating it in less than 9 minutes.

Also, a couple were able to get past one of the toughest bosses in the Elden Ring…by splitting the controls. That’s rapport!

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