A speedrunner passes Elden Ring with just his ass (literally)

A speedrunner passes Elden Ring with just his ass (literally)

Is it possible to pass Elden Ring with your ass? This youtuber shows us his experience defeating the main bosses using the Ass attack, an Ash of War that you can equip in which the character hits the ground with his ass.

Elden Ring has been the most popular game for six weeks now, and although many players have already passed it, they don’t want to leave it aside… and they invent absurd but fun challenges to prolong the game. pain one more time. And we’re not talking about simple speedruns…

It is the case of Distortion2, one of the most popular streamers on Elden Ring. His latest challenge has been to get past Elden Ring…just by attacking his ass.

Yes, there is a move in Elden Ring, an Ash of War, Assfucked, in which the character jump and land on your assdealing a considerable amount of damage and a shockwave.

This movement, which seems more typical of a Super Mario game than an action RPG, has been the only one that the youtuber Distortion2 has used to defeat all mandatory final bosses.

Based on CuladasDistortion shows in this video how to defeat the bosses, a very good experience that I recommend to anyone who wants to try another run in Elden Ring by complicating things a bit.

And it is that this attack, heavy auneur, has a very long animation that leaves you exposed for too long, so you have to calculate it to the millimeter. In addition, it must be done on top of the enemy to cause maximum damage, so it is very risky by not keeping your distance.

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If you don’t have this Ash of War, you can find it in Necrolimbo, on a scarab near the small Golden Tree. This is your location according to the interactive map of Elden Ring.

At least they haven’t been as complicated as this other user, who defeated the first boss without dodging, jumping, or blocking. Or this one who played for hours exploring… without realizing there were maps.

Recently, they have also discovered a strange bug that prevents you from doing a double jump with the horse in certain conditions. Have you noticed?





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