Joseph Gordon-Levitt recalls Bruce Willis's greatest compliment

Joseph Gordon-Levitt recalls Bruce Willis’s greatest compliment

Joseph Gordon-Levitt had to play the younger version of Bruce Willis in the sci-fi film Looper, and during filming Willis realized how well he imitated him.

Last week it was announced that Bruce Willis was retiring from acting after being diagnosed with aphasia and having been suffering from health problems for some time.

Since Rumer Willis, the actor’s daughter, shared the news, many people who have been with Bruce Willis throughout his career They have shared messages of support and have remembered the good times they lived.

The last person to speak about their experiences working with Bruce Willis was the actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, known especially for starring in (500) Days Together.

Gordon-Levitt shared the screen with Bruce Willis in Looper, an action and science fiction film from the year 2012 and directed by Rian Johnson in which Gordon-Levitt was the young version of Willis.

In an interview with Vanity FairJoseph Gordon-Levitt assured that one of his favorite papers had been the one of Joe in Looper, because there he had to become a reflection of Bruce Willis. But there was a particular scene during the shooting of Looper that was engraved on him forever.

Later in the movie there was a scene where we were yelling at each other. I don’t know if Bruce did this on purpose or by accident, but It was the greatest compliment he could give me.Gordon-Levitt explained. “It was right after they said cut, he turned around and went back to his mark, he didn’t even tell me, he said it to himself: sounds like me”.

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After the unexpected compliment, Gordon-Levitt said to himself “Hell yes!” and felt tremendously grateful: “I think knowing him that was really his ultra generous way of paying me a complimentbut it was very nice to do it that way”.

Gordon-Levitt’s next movie will be the live-action version of Pinocchio which will arrive on Disney Plus in September of this year.





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