El desarrollo de Minecraft 1.19 avanza viento en popa

The development of Minecraft 1.19 goes from strength to strength

Good news for those who are waiting (those who are waiting) Minecraft 1.19: The Wild Update. and it is that in the last week new snapshots have been published, 22w13a and 22w14a, which they continue to add the elements that we expect for the final versionthat every day I am more convinced that it will debut this summer (in the northern hemisphere, I clarify), and at times I am adding more points to influence the theory that I raised a few weeks ago, and that is that Minecraft 1.19 will surely arrive in the month of June… or maybe even earlier, at the end of May, although that is already rushing more.

A clear and happy sign that the Mojang studios have the situation totally under control again is that, as we told you last Friday, this year we did have a snapshot for April Fools, One block At a time, which without being the one that offers the most playability of those we have seen in the history of the game, it does start from a pretty fun premise. But, as I say, even more than the joking snapshot itself, what makes me happier is that I interpret it as a sign that Minecraft 1.19 is going well.

Of course, that’s not the only thing I hold onto to make my prediction, and it’s not even the main reason for it. What I think and what I see is the good rhythm that the snapshots are taking with respect to what was announced for Minecraft 1.19. And it is that if a few weeks ago we told you that the first non-experimental beta for Java had already been released (the snapshot 22W12A) with the Warden, the one from last week, the 22W13A brought us both all the structures of the cities of the Deep Dark biome (although we can still expect changes in them) like alleythe new mob chosen by popular vote in Minecraft Live 2021.

And if you have been following the evolution of the snapshots in recent weeks, surely there is something that caught your attention about 22W12A, and that is that it already had all the elements that would form the mangroves, also highly anticipated, but that biome still was not generated. Well, now, with the snapshot 22W14a Mojang has covered that file, so that we can now explore the new mangroves of Minecraft 1.19.

In addition, in this snapshot a new item has also been added that can only be found in Deep Dark chests, and that will allow us to craft a new compass with an incredibly useful feature: pinpointing the location of our last kill, so we can rush to retrieve any items we may have lost. This has come as a big surprise, as this item hasn’t been discussed before, and adds one of the most useful features of the in-game map plugins to Minecraft 1.19.

And what would be missing now? Mojang said that, taking advantage of the arrival of the two new biomes, Deep Dark and Mangrove, he would take advantage of Minecraft 1.19 to give other biomes a facelift from the already existing ones. and little or nothing else, so it seems that, short of tweaking all the new items and a few minor changes, Minecraft 1.19 is rapidly approaching its first “Pre” snapshot. The time of arrival of Minecraft 1.19 will depend on the number of prereleases and release candidates that separate the latest snapshot from the official release, which seems closer and closer.

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