This cosplay of Jane Foster as Thor is true to the comics and… electric!

Thor: Love and Thunder merchandise shows a first look at Jane Foster as the new Goddess of Thunder

Graciethecosplaylass wears her amazing cosplay of Jane Foster as the Mighty Thor, the character that we will see this summer on the big screen.

Right now, the attention of Marvel fans when it comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe is divided between Moon Knight and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

The Disney Plus series debuted last week and has introduced the character of Oscar Isaac in the MCU. The sequel to Doctor Strange is coming in May, opening the can for Marvel on the big screen for 2022.

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However, those two are only a third of the Marvel Studios projects coming this year. This summer, the ladies take power with series like Ms. Marvel or She-Hulk and the movie that concerns us today: Thor: Love and Thunder.

Well, we are concerned with the film for the comic inspiration that Taika Waititi will adapt to the big screen. And it is that the fourth Thor movie will see the return of Natalie Portman as Jane Foster.

The actress returns to the Marvel Cinematic Universe to become worthy to wield Mjolnir and become the Mighty Thor. Marvel comics have already seen that transition in their panels, where Jane Foster became Thor in 2014.

the cosplayer gracethecosplaylass has taken the comic book version of Jane Foster as Thor and brought her to life in impeccable attire. The Mighty Thor cosplay comes to us thanks to photographs by Eric Carroll and editing by Jane Bergstrom.

The iteration of Marvel Cinematic Universe of Jane Foster as the Mighty Thor will likely be quite different than this one presented by Graciethecosplaylass. The merchandising arts point to an exclusive design for the film.

This is something that, incidentally, is common in Marvel movies and series, which adapt the suits both to the requirements of real action and to the new times (in the cases of older suits).

What do you think of Graciethecosplaylass’s Mighty Thor cosplay? Do you think we will see the trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder soon?

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