Halo Infinite could receive a battle royale mode in Season 2, Last Spartan Standing

Halo Infinite could receive a battle royale mode in Season 2, Last Spartan Standing

A dataminer discovers Last Spartan Standing, a new game mode that could come to season 2 of Halo Infinite Season 2. Doesn’t it sound like battle royale?

Halo Infinite was a huge success when it came out in December 2021, although its multiplayer, which turned out to be totally free to play on Xbox and PC consoles, came out earlier, in November. Happy ending to an extra year of waiting… though the community is once again impatient with the lack of news.

And it is that Season 1 of Halo Infinite multiplayer will have lasted six months when it ends in early May (as expected), and many streamers have acknowledged that they’ve had to move on to other games due to 343 Industries’ apparent abandonment of the game.

What new modes will the future of Halo Infinite bring, beyond the expected Forge co-op mode? According to a dataminer, Delta_Hubwe will have a mode called Last Spartan Standing…something that sounds like a battle royale.

The description of the mode, along with an image, reads as follows: “Every man for himself, Spartan! Level up your team by earning Personal Score to be the last Spartan standing.”

Please note that these images and text, found in the game files, may be provisional. But everything points to whate there will be a BTB mode called Last Spartan Standing, with the spectacular image that you can see on the cover.

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There have been a lot of rumors and hints about a battle royale mode coming to Halo Infinite, something that could increase the popularity of the game, something that it badly needs, although it would have to get the go-ahead from fans.

Would the Halo version of a battle royale mode bring news? Would it be for teams? It’s about a BTB mode (Big Team Battle)although the description and the image makes it clear that there can only be one winning Spartan…

Recently, 343 Industries said that Halo Infinite will receive content inspired by the TV series, which is currently airing on Paramount+. The study is aware of the discomfort of the fans and promises news soon.





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