Blizzard has released a Hearthstone card that costs 25 euros and players are already expressing their rejection

Blizzard has released a Hearthstone card that costs 25 euros and players are already expressing their rejection

The Hearthstone community charges Blizzard for selling a special card that costs 3,000 gold… or 25 euros.

How much real money would you be willing to spend for an item in a video game? Blizzard apparently hopes that Let’s pay 25 dollars / euros for a card in Hearthstone. A card that has no special value beyond its rarity: it has the same functionality, but it’s Diamond class, higher than Gold, and it’s animated.

Although you can afford this Drek’That letter with gold coins, which you get naturally by playing the game, those who want to buy it immediately (or want to save those coins for more substantial items) have the option to pay $24.99 for it.

the streamer teddy, popular in the Blizzard gaming community and Hearthstone beta tester, has opposed this move on Twitter. “As much as I’m as cool as everyone, there’s no fucking way I’m going to pay 35 Canadian dollars in a letter. It’s ridiculous” (whale is a colloquial term for users who spend a lot on gacha-type games.)

In it hearthstone subreddit users also criticize this move. “It probably costs more than all the cards in your deck combined,” says one. Another you think is a meme or a late April Fools’ joke, and another laments: “if this sells well, we already know what awaits us“.

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Some users take it more calmly: it is still optional, and it is a purely cosmetic item. However, the irony is that Drek’That’s original gold class card was given away by Blizzard at the launch of the Fractured in Alterac Valley expansion, which came out in December 2021.

Although microtransactions are nothing new in the world of video games, recently there was another controversial noise, for the price of cars in Gran Turismo 7, which caused the community to make a list of the best tracks to farm … and Polyphony Digital reacted by nerfing them. In the end, they backed down.





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