A Razer headset saved the life of this young man by stopping a bullet impact

A Razer headset saved the life of this young man by stopping a bullet impact

An 18-year-old is alive thanks to a Razer headset, which stopped a stray bullet from entering a window – the resister saved his life!

Don’t underestimate the power of good helmets… and good luck. This unusual case has been circulating on Reddit for a few days: the user Enough_Dance_956 ensures that a Razer headset saved his life when he stopped a bullet that would have gone straight to his head.

The bullet, of unknown origin, entered through the window and bounced off a wall before hitting the Razer Kraken headset. “Wednesday morning at 10:30 a stray bullet came through the window and hit my Razer headset in my head.”

If it wasn’t for the great quality of the headphones, I would be dead at 18. I couldn’t imagine all the pain my family and friends would have suffered“Said the young man in the post, in which he tried to connect with Razer to thank them for unexpectedly saving his life.

The young man had to climb a second post with more footage to prove it was real and not, as some doubted, an elaborate April Fool’s joke. She showed the hole the bullet entered her window, the impact on the wall and the bullet they found in the bed.

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Miraculously, no one was injured in this incidentapart from a persistent headache that lasted two days, although he is fine now, has commented on the post.

It is normal to be skeptical about such an unusual case, which could work as Razer surreptitious advertisingand the incredible resistance of their headphones… capable of withstanding the impact of a bullet (and they are cute too).

On pc gamera Razer representative claimed that this incident It had nothing to do with them and it wasn’t an April Fools’ joke, at least on their part.. “We have already contacted the community member to thank him and at least give him a new headset“.

The user’s images show the bullet hole in the glass, the damage to the wall, and the bullet in the bed. If it’s a fake, it doesn’t seem worth breaking a wall to get some free Razer headsets, right? However, stranger things have been seen…





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