An Incredible Sega Mega Drive Development Kit Is Released

An Incredible Sega Mega Drive Development Kit Is Released

Sega Mega Drive had an amazing development kit like the one shown below, courtesy of user Va_HARA as he was the one who found it.

Maybe Sega Mega Drive has more than 30 years of history, but I still have secrets like any other retro console. This time the incredible development kit that has now seen the light thanks to a coincidence.

It is clear that throughout its history the Sega console has had many titles and novelties, such as this compilation of the 20 best Mega Drive games that we already released.

Now, and leaving aside the Mega Drive modeled for PAL and NTSC, it is quite clear that this hardware has had its pluses and minuses.

But like any other piece to play different titles, it was clear that he had his development kit as until recently have had PS5 and Xbox Series X.

And that’s what we come to talk to you about now since Twitter has shown a sega console devkit which until now we knew nothing about.

The Twitter handle @Va_HARA tell how you came across this sega mega drive development kit purely by chance.

Crazy Mega Drive games that you probably haven’t tried. Smell of Hobby Consoles number 1!

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Since the original tweet is in Japanese, we are going to leave you with the translation that has been generated automatically in the social network application itself.

[Mega Drive] While tidying up at my parents’ house, I came across a Mega Drama development kit, given to me by a fellow Mega Drama almost 20 years ago.

It looks like a modified Megadora connected to a hardware emulator and then to a PC98 via SCSI. The 5-inch FDD is a genuine Sega sample program“. This is the original tweet we told you about.

At the end of the tweet itself, you can read how the same user of the platform asks: “Can someone save her?“.

It is clear that he is not interested in having something like this at home when it could be exposed somewhere or safe in the home of a person who can use it in some way.

In the Uncle Bruno stories We tell you a series of Mega Drive classics with crazy prices, have you seen them yet?

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A few years ago it was released Sega Mega Drive Minia smaller sized console that also went through our review via this link.

In the same way that Sega Megadrive Classics, only this is more of a game collection with more than 50 16-bit games; here his analysis.

what do you think amazing sega mega drive development kit?

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