The creators of Tales of Arise admit that there are no plans for a sequel to the game despite its success

The creators of Tales of Arise admit that there are no plans for a sequel to the game despite its success

Tales of Arise will not have a direct sequel. Its creators have talked about this possibility and have made their intentions clear for this installment.

The Tale of saga has managed to capture the attention of JRPG fans with its latest release. The release of Tales of Arise has been a great success and has projected the veteran franchise in terms of reception and sales.

The game available now on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC has become the best-selling installment so far after record 1.5 million copies in its first month. Given this positive reception, many wonder if we will see more about the story told in Arise.

Alphen, Shionne and company presented us with an epic story that took great advantage of the narrative resources that Bandai Namco made available to the development team. However, the conclusion of the plot was closed and did not anticipate a second installment.

dowe will see a sequel? Yusuke Tomiwaza, producer of this installment, spoke with EDGE magazine about this matter and revealed that the team has no plans to release a sequel to Tales of Arise.

according to his words they wanted the game’s story to leave players with a “good aftertaste” when it concluded and recognized that they have other challenges in mind far from continuing to increase this plot.

We want to continue taking on the challenge of bringing in new fans for further expansion of JRPGs. We need to create a cutting-edge flagship title that builds on the success of Arise, while also providing an opportunity to rediscover the history of the series.commented the producer.

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Therefore, it seems that we will be left without a direct sequel, although the news is not surprising. The Tale of saga has been working in the same way for several decades, so the absence of a sequel is not so strange for fans.

And what are the plans of the development team? At the moment, little is known about the future of the franchise. A few months ago, Bandai Namco published an online survey on Tales of Arise that led to possible remasters of the saga.

The arrival of new players with Arise can mean a good vein when it comes to rescuing old renowned titles for new consoles.

While we wait for news, it’s time to wait enjoying the crossover of Scarlet Nexus and Tales of Arise as DLC that was recently announced. Did you like this delivery? Do you think that Bandai Namco should replicate the more accessible formula of this game in future installments?

Source: GamesRadar

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