Has the Joker 2 script stalled?  Fans fear the sequel will never happen

Has the Joker 2 script stalled? Fans fear the sequel will never happen

Todd Phillips has not yet submitted a draft of the Joker 2 script to Warner Bros. Where is the project and why is there some nervousness?

The stories of the film adaptations of the dc comics made by Warner Bros. is like a roller coaster. Brilliant successes and resounding failures have alternated over the years.

Recently, there seems to have been some progress in the right direction, especially with some of the productions outside the DC Extended Universe. Movies like The Batman have managed to make it at the box office, obtaining good financial results and significant approval from critics and the public.

Another movie that hit the bullseye was Joker, the superb origin story of the Clown Prince of Crime who made Joaquin Phoenix the villain of Batman.

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Todd Phillips, director of The Hangover trilogywas in charge of directing this film that fell in love with critics and the general public for its Obvious overtones to the cinema of Martin Scorsese in films like Taxi Driver.

TO joaquin phoenix his return to the big leagues also felt great. The actor won the Oscar for best actor for his masterful incarnation of Arthur Flecka man who suffers from a deep social and personal disorder in a city where everything bad you can imagine will happen.

The idea of ​​a sequel soon surfaced. It was talked about a lot and Todd Phillips went to work on it. The possibility of a crossover with the Batman from DC was even suggested in the DC fandom. Robert Pattinsonas both movies are outside the DC Extended Universe.

The crossover between both characters cannot take place for practical and chronological reasons, but a Joker sequel remains a possibility as long as Todd Phillips believes in those possibilities.

However, as reported by The Ankler (via TheDirect), the director has not yet submitted a draft of the script to Warner Bros.

This means that it is unlikely that we will see the sequel in the next 2 or 3 years, unless Phillips finally delivers the script at the latest in the summer. The sequel will build on the text that the filmmaker writes, as will the casting process.

Do you think that Warner has parked the sequel to Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker and that is why the script has not been delivered yet? Remember that you can see the review of Joker on the web, where our colleague Raquel Hernández defined the film as “an acid criticism of the system, a history of mental illness, the pathos of the figure of the clown and a deep loneliness.”





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