Call of Duty Warzone devs claim they're losing players due to 'crazy' download sizes

Call of Duty Warzone devs claim they’re losing players due to ‘crazy’ download sizes

Call of Duty Warzone has always stood out for its high weight and a size that perhaps occupies too much memory on our hard drives. The issue has even reached the game developers themselves, who claim to lose players for this reason.

One of the best-known battle royale games on the free to play market is Call of Duty Warzone. The title is truly popular among fans of the veteran Activision saga and although it is free, you do have to pay a price for it.

We talk about space on our PlayStation, Xbox or PC consoles and it is that it is known by many that Call of Duty Warzone occupies its own when it comes to GB. Although it is true that the weight has been reduced over the years, this is still a problem for the creators of the game.

In an interview with Teep, Josh Bridge, one of the leaders of Raven Software admitted that the large size of the game files was affecting the developers when launching new content… and not only that.

Bridge was asked if we were going to see someday the return of the Verdansk map next to Calderato have a more varied map rotation. We want that. We all want thathe commented before sharing the technical problem that was hindering his plans.

Install sizes are fucking crazy, right? If we take out Caldera and say we’re going to drop Verdansk, this could essentially be re-downloading the size of Warzone.clarified the developer.

And every time we do that, We lose players. Because you’re like, ‘I don’t want to download that again,’ so you uninstall it. I think you can’t fit anything other than Warzone on a base PS4.

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While that is possible, Bridge’s words reflect a space management problem as Activision said at the time that it needed up to 175 GB of hard drive space on PC to play Warzone.

On consoles the thing is reduced somewhat, to about 92 GB, but it is still a lot, although it was reduced through optimizations, but the game continues to grow more and more as time goes by.

Fortunately for fans, Bridge stated that a solution is in the works so that players can enjoy more maps at once.

Meanwhile, the rumors about the saga do not stop being heard. Last week it was reported that Activision would be considering releasing remasters of various Call of Duty in years when there are no main installments. What would you like to see in this aspect?

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