Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest is delayed to October

Endnight Games decides to push back the release date of Sons of the Forest from May to October this year. The sequel to The Forest will be more ambitious than the original.

The Forest was one of the best survival games of the PlayStation 4 generation… which will have a sequel this year. Sons of the Forest promises to be more realistic, challenging, and gross than its predecessor.

Endnight Games, creators of Sons of the Forest, believe that they have been too ambitious with the release window of the title. As a result, have announced sad news on social media.

We will have to wait to enjoy this survival game. Sons of the Forest, initially planned to be released in May, has been delayed until next October.

This is confirmed Endnight Games on his official Twitter account. They clarify that Sons of the Forest is coming in Octoberoffering an experience more faithful to the original vision of the development team.

Over these last few weeks, we’ve realized that our Sons Of The Forest release date of May 2022 was too ambitious. In order to deliver our vision of the next step in survival games, we have decided to move our release date to October 2022‘.

These five months seem very necessary to polish some aspects of Sons of the Forest. Mind you, Endnight Games has attached a short video clip in the respective tweet.

Sons of the Forest

We can see how to build a shelter with logs, how the combat system works, crafting materials or fishing, among other things. Sons of the Forest will rescue the essence of the original, taking it to a new level.

In Sons of the Forest we will have to collect materials, hunt, fish, meet small challenges and explore every corner of the mapping. In addition, our character will be threatened by strange entities and other dangers.

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Although Sons of the Forest is a survival title, there is also a clear survival horror component. We will experiment scary moments thanks to his first-person perspective.

Sons of the Forest will arrive this year on PC, and the console versions are not yet confirmed. There is no exact release date yet, but it is known that it will arrive in the month of October… perhaps just in time for Halloween this 2022.





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