Tom Hanks is once again the king of photobombing and sneaks into a wedding without warning

Tom Hanks is once again the king of photobombing and sneaks into a wedding without warning

Tom Hanks has crashed a wedding party while shooting his new movie, A Man Called Ove, based on Fredrik Backman’s book, in Pittsburgh.

At photobombing, a person intentionally sneaks into the photograph that another is taking, often as a joke. Although it seems that when that person who is spoiling your photo is someone famous, people receive the photobomb much better.

On Sean Austinone of the hobbits The Lord of the ringswe have already spoken to you on occasion, because he slipped into the photographs of the same girl twice, although 30 years apart.

Tom Hanks is Geppetto in the first image of Robert Zemeckis’ Pinocchio for Disney +

Pinocchio Disney Tom Hanks Robert ZemeckisPinocchio Disney Tom Hanks Robert Zemeckis

But Sean Austin isn’t the only actor to photobomb, Tom Hanks has also turned out to be an expert in photobombing, although it is more specialized in wedding photography. We have seen Tom Hanks appear in wedding photos since 2016, but he has always done it in a polite way and asking permission before taking the photo.

This week in Pittsburgh Tom Hanks has made his last photobomb at a wedding. As Grace Gwaltney prepared for her wedding party at the Fairmont Hotel, Tom Hanks took a break from filming A Man Called Ove.

Then Tom Hanks introduced himself to the bride and asked if he could take a picture with her. Grace Gwaltney He reported that he was stunned and that he began to look in all directions without knowing what to do.

He also explained that the voice of tom hanks it had amazed him. The actor whispered in her ear that she was beautiful and that he was very happy for her. Grace could not keep this experience to herself and she went to tell her future husband about it. Before the ceremony they prayed, shook hands, and turned away so as not to see each other, then Grace told him: “Luke, I just met Tom Hanks.”.

A Man Called Ove adapt the book Fredrik Backman about a retired man who strikes up an unconventional friendship with his neighbors.





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