HBO Max has released Vivarium, the terrifying science fiction movie that suffered confinement

HBO Max has released Vivarium, the terrifying science fiction movie that suffered confinement

You can now see on HBO Max Vvarium, the terrifying science fiction movie that suffered confinement due to the coronavirus.

It seems unbelievable, but Two years have passed since the State of Alarm was decreed in Spain due to the coronavirus pandemic and we had to remain locked up at home without being able to leave except in cases of extreme necessity.

Those weeks in which the world was paralyzed affected many areas, including entertainment, where many of its theatrical releases had to be postponed or launched directly digitally through streaming services.

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Such was the case of Vivarium, a 2019 science fiction horror film directed by Lorcan Finnegan (Nocebo, Without Name) that It had to be released online on April 8, 2020 and now, two years later, it lands in the HBO Max Spain catalog.

Curiously, the film Vivarium not only suffered confinement due to the coronavirus, but its own plot portrayed said confinement before it took place. Although in this case the thing did not revolve around a global pandemic.

Starring Imogen Poots (The father, The undeniable truth) and Jesse Eisenberg (Resistance, Zombieland: Kill and Finish), the plot of Vivarium tells the story of Gemma and Tom, a young couple who, considering buying their first home, go to a real estate agency.

Once they arrive at the place they are attended by a strange sales agent who accompanies them to Yonder, a new, mysterious and peculiar urbanization where all the houses are identical, with the intention of showing them a single-family home for themselves.

From the start, Tom and Gemma find everything cold and too standard, so they decide to keep looking. But this will not be easy for them, since the vendor disappears and they are trapped in a labyrinthine and endless surreal nightmare that gets more and more complicated as they can’t find the exit and end up again and again at number 9 on the same street.

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The approach of a couple who is trapped against their will could not have been more successful when launching into full confinement, providing many reflections about freedom, identity and how difficult it is to maintain sanity in an isolated isolation. voluntary.

The film Vivarium is now available in the HBO Max Spain catalog. In our Vivarium review we explain the reasons why this interesting horror movie is worth watching.





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