Alec Baldwin returns to work, five months after the tragedy of the filming of Rust

Alec Baldwin returns to work, five months after the tragedy of the filming of Rust

The American actor returns to the film sets to star in two Christmas movies.

After the tragedy that occurred five months ago on the set of Rust is still shrouded in mystery, Alec Baldwin returns to work in Rome. The actor was involved in an accident on the set of the western, claiming the life of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and injuring director Joel Souza.

To remember a little what happened: last October there was an incident on the set of Rust, a western starring Alec Baldwin. The actor wielded a prop gun that fired a live bullet at Hutchins and Joel Souza.

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The last few months have seen a steady stream of accusations between the parties involved in the tragedy. Alec Baldwin maintains that he did nothing wrongand that the real bullet should not only not have been inside the gun, but on the set itself.

The armorer of the filming of Rust maintains that Alec Baldwin had reckless and reckless behavior, ignoring all safety regulations. Halyna Hutchins’ family and filmmakers prepare for a legal battle as the investigation continues.

Baldwin was overwhelmed by everyone’s reactions to the tragedy. The actor even deleted his Twitter account and has kept a relatively low profile in recent months.

However, as stated dead line, Alec Baldwin has returned to work. The actor is in Rome, where he already is shooting two Christmas movies that he will star in with his brother, William Baldwin.

S is about the films Kid Santa and Billie’s Magic World. Both films will be hybrids that will combine real image and animation, in the style of Space Jam or Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

The Rust tragedy was one of the biggest news stories in Hollywood in 2021, obviously. The accident has generated an important debate about the use of real weapons on film sets.

Stars like Dwayne Johnson have clearly argued against using functional weapons in their movies. Meanwhile, other professionals defend the use of these prop weapons with blank ammunition for offering better results and finishes on screen, as well as a more realistic reaction in the actors.

Yet there is a lot of mystery surrounding what happened that fateful October 21 on the set of Rust. It is possible that, in time, we will know all the details and who should bear the responsibility for the unnecessary death of Halyna Hutchins.

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