Moon Knight director lashes out at Black Adam movie for its portrayal of Egypt

Moon Knight director lashes out at Black Adam movie for its portrayal of Egypt

Moon Knight director Mohamed Diab has lashed out at DC’s Black Adam movie, criticizing it for a lack of Egyptian representation.

The controversy is served again! On this occasion, it has been Muhammad Diabdirector of the marvel studio series Moon Knight, who has launched to criticize Black Adam, one of the next dc movies who stars Dwayne Johnson.

In an interview translated via TheDirect, the Egyptian filmmaker has criticized the film Black Adam considering that it does not do enough for his culture and lacks Egyptian representation.

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Diab cites setting and casting choices as specific points of contention, further explaining the importance of bringing his own culture to his work with the Moon Knight series.

“I wanted to showcase Egyptian talents as much as I could. Every culture needs to be represented by its people, so I hired actors, an editor, a costume designer, an art director and a composer, who are all Egyptian,” the director said.

“I was really upset with DC when they put Black Adam in a fictional Middle Eastern country as an excuse to cast non-Egyptian people, when he was obviously meant to be in Egypt,” Diab added. “Representative opportunities shouldn’t be wasted…But it’s not entirely a complete mistake as it’s based on an iteration of the comics that doesn’t mention Egypt.”

Starring oscar isaac (Metal Gear Solid, Dune, Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker), the plot of the moon knight series follows the story of Steven Grant, a mild-mannered gift shop clerk who suffers from severe sleep disorders, unable to distinguish between reality and fantasy.

He soon discovers that his blackouts and insomnia stem from his true identity as Marc Spector, a mercenary living with dissociative identity disorder who is the human conduit for the Egyptian moon god Khonshu.

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While dealing with the truth behind his multiple lives, Marc also becomes the target of Arthur Harrow, a religious fanatic and cult leader who seeks to cleanse the world with the help of the Egyptian god Ammit and sees Marc and Moon Knight as an obstacle to do so, although she first tries to convince him to embrace his inner darkness before becoming a hero.

The Moon Knight series will premiere in the Disney Plus catalog on March 30, 2022. Meanwhile, here we recommend some of the best movies that can be seen in 2022 through Disney Plus.

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