How to make observer, comparator and dispenser with redstone in Minecraft

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In this Minecraft guide we tell you how to get the most out of your mechanisms and make basic objects such as comparator, observer and dispenser.

Beneath the guise of a simple family game, Minecraft has incredible depth to its building mechanics.

By stacking blocks you can create real wonders, but the game goes beyond simple blocks allowing build mobile mechanismssuch as doors, lights, elevators, automatic farms.

To build all those mechanisms, you must first learn how to make a redstone circuitfor which blocks such as the comparator, the dispenser and the observer. In this Minecraft guide we explain how to create the necessary blocks to build your redstone circuit in the crafting table.

How to craft observer, comparator and dispenser with redstone

The comparator redstone is a type of block used to maintain, compare, or subtract the signal strength of redstone circuits. To make it, you need 1 Redstone Torch, 1 Nether Quartz and 3 Stones.

You must place them in this way: in the bottom row the three stones, in the center the Quartz, and the Torches in the three blocks attached to the central one (to the left, to the right and above).

minecraft comparator

The Dispenser it’s a redstone-activated block that you can fill with items. When the redstone activates it, the objects shoot out one by one, randomly. You can fill it with arrows or dynamite, to create weapons; buckets with water for your farms; or wagons if we place them on rails.

To create a dispenser you need 7 Rocks, 1 Arch and 1 Redstone Dust, which you place in this way: the arch in the center, the redstone below it and the rocks around it.

minecraft dispenserminecraft dispenser

Lastly, the Observer it is a block of the redstone cycle that, like pistons, activates if they detect something in front of them. Aim at the block it’s placed against, and it’ll detect things like the age of crops, then send a redstone pulse to the comparator or repeater.

To create it you need 6 Rocks, 2 Redstone Dust and a Nether Quartz. The two redstone powders are placed in the first and second blocks of the second row, the quartz in the third and the rock in the rows above and below.

Minecraft ObserverMinecraft Observer

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