The most puzzling secret of Elden Ring: a room that only opens if we hit a false wall 50 times

The most puzzling secret of Elden Ring: a room that only opens if we hit a false wall 50 times

Elden Ring has a secret room that will only open if you hit a wall 50 times: the community is baffled… and worried. Will there be more secrets like this?

Elden Ring is a game that never seems to go out of style: the community is still very active in forums and social networks sharing their experiences, hardships and discoveries. And today, three weeks after the release of the game, something amazing has been found… and inexplicable.

In the Volcano Mansion there is a wall that apparently has nothing special… but if the you hit exactly 50 times (fifty!) You will enter a secret room, where you access a large dining room.

False walls are common in Elden Ring, and many times you have to hit the walls randomly until you find the one that opens the way for you. But none requires you to spend a minute beating her!

has been the user teristam on Reddit the one who has done this unusual discoverywhich has been verified by other users. It’s real, which has Elden Ring players breaking a sweat: what if there are other hidden walls like that?

what a secret be hidden behind 50 hits to a wall It is something that is almost inexplicable. Could it be some bug? Any trolling? Maybe it was an easter egg that someone at FromSoftware thought no one would find and reveal in I don’t know, ten years…

The fact is that someone has found it, and it is a very stimulating discovery for the FromSoftware communitywho will now be even more attentive looking for any clue… but also very, very disconcerting.

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With 12 million players worldwide, it’s weird that all the secrets haven’t already been found. Actually, we’re going to keep playing and talking about this game for a long, long time.

Elden Ring has many other curiosities that the players are showing, like an animation that shows the incredible level of detail in the game (and it’s a lot more subtle and beautiful than this inexplicable secret room).

For those who want to curl the loop more, there is also a discussion about the possible link between one of the characters and a childhood pet of George RR Martin, the author of the Elden Ring lore.

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