They accuse Discord of doing nothing in the face of account theft and the increase in hackers on the platform

They accuse Discord of doing nothing in the face of account theft and the increase in hackers on the platform

It seems that Discord is having some trouble with hackers and a large set of veteran users are losing their accounts.

One of the best-known platforms when it comes to the community of video game-loving users is Discord, a platform that has apparently been suffering quite a few computer attacks in recent months, something normal due to its popularity, but which is starting to tire some users veterans, as pointed out by dailydot.

And it is that a large number of veteran users are leaving Discord because they comment that the platform is not up to the computer attacks that are taking place on user accounts, where with the phishing technique many are losing access to their lifelong account.

Basically, cybercriminals make use of already compromised accounts of followers or close friends, in which some type of link is offered that, when clicking on it, infects the victim, causing them to lose access to the account.

And one of the affected users is Edwarda college student programmer from San Diego who has been using the platform for years, yet had a special developer badge for having created a bot that is used by more than 200 servers.

This made your account very juicy for cybercriminals, who sent you constant messages to steal your account, until in an oversight, they succeeded.

Edward has clarified that cybercriminals look for the Discord of organizations such as study centers to try to get all the people in the organization.

Edward talks about his virtually unsuccessful journey with Discord support where after sending several emails, he got absolutely nothing.

Another of the affected users, with a pseudonym Cibpoints out that after his account was compromised, he sent a ticket to Discord, and although the first message did not get a response, they did help him in the second ticket.

It is curious, because while Edward could not restore his account with a practically similar case, the other user did.

Although Discord support later contacted Edward so that he could return to his account despite initially not giving him a solution, it seems that now the user is no longer convinced to return to the platform after this bad experience.

You have to be totally careful when clicking on any link that we receive through Discord and any other platform, because even if we know the sender, it could not be ruled out that it ends up dealing with a previously stolen account.

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